About Us

Imagine a workout shirt that reacts to your physiology, a bat barrel that rotates with your wrist, or a running shoe designed just for you. Sound crazy? Well, it’s not—this stuff actually exists. Up until now locating items such as these hasn’t been easy, as it’s been difficult to cut through all the marketing hoopla and tech speak to know what’s best for your game. Not anymore.

Geeking out on sports gear is why we exist. We’re obsessed with figuring out what will make you better, and better yet, what products you shouldn’t be wasting your time with. Our mission is to be THE source of real, unfiltered, and unbiased info on sports gear and beyond.

Welcome to 453 AND A HALF, a throwback to our first address at 453½ Court Street in Binghamton, New York. Every day we’ll bring you articles that explore the world of sports with a focus on cutting-edge products, innovation, and advice that will make you better. We’ll combine our knowledge with the experience of experts around the country to take you from tryouts to the championship, and everything in between.

We’ve been doing this a long time, but we’re only just getting started. Thanks for checking us out, and hope you enjoy what’s to come.