How This Tiny Multi-Tool Can Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

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There’s something to be said about braving the outdoors. Why does it sound so intimidating? If you’re prepared, camping, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors are fun activities, not stressful ones requiring a courageous effort.

Jeremy Fisher, a landscape photographer in Portland, Ore., knows the significance of having the right gear. Something like the Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool, a compact, all-in-one device that contains 17 stainless steel tools, gives him peace of mind. With the Leatherman Multi-Tool, “I can focus on more important things like getting the right shot,” Fisher says.

Cutting wood, building fires, and opening food cans become simple tasks, minimizing your “work” time. So, it’s those important things—snapping the perfect photo, reaching the mountain peak, or spending quality time with friends and family—that will define your outdoor experience.

For more inspiration to get outside, check out our exclusive video below.