Ready to Shred: Diamondback’s New Level Link Suspension System

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With the launch of the new Release full-suspension trail bike, Diamondback set out to erase limitations of the past and start fresh. The brand aimed to produce one of its best trail bikes yet—a bike that everyone will want to ride and have a blast doing so.

“This bike is designed for people who ride bikes,” says Michael Brown, Vice President of Product Development. “You want it to pedal well uphill and be fun as it goes down. It excels at everything.”


Level Link is a short-link, four-bar suspension system (check out the white links on the back end of the frame). What makes Level Link unique? The lower link placement is raised so it stays parallel with the chain line as the bike moves through its travel. At sag—the amount of travel your suspension moves through just by adding your own weight to the bike—the upper link is perpendicular to the lower link.DB2

“This helps keep pedaling forces separate from bump forces,” explains Luther Beal, the visionary who designed the suspension system.

What that means for you: The separation allows the suspension to react to bumps on a trail when you need it (think: riding over a rock garden), but limits ‘pedal bob,’ which sucks up all your energy when you don’t need suspension (think: on a climb or a paved road to the trailhead).

Diamondback designed this system from the ground up to go hand-in-hand with the bike’s geometry.

“Unlike trying to shoehorn new geometry into an existing suspension system, we knew they’d work together,” says Beal. “You couldn’t have a party in the front and business in the back without the suspension system to handle it.”


The first bikes to showcase the Level Link design are the Catch and the Release. The 27.5-wheeled Release 3 features a 150-millimeter fork on the front, 130-millimeter rear suspension, an aluminum frame (that weighs one pound lighter than previous trail bikes), a slack head angle, and options for 1x or double cranksets. Head here for more info on the specs. The Catch is the plus-sized version of the Release with 27.5-plus wheel and tire combination.


Bikes, especially mountain bikes, aren’t one model fits all. The best mountain bike for you depends on multiple factors, including your ride style, skill level, preferences, and the terrain. But the cool thing about the Release is that it opens up a lot of trail options for a wide variety of riders at a competitive price point.


To peg down which bike is right for you, head to your local DICK’S Sporting Goods store and chat with an associate or check out more options from Diamondback here.

The Catch will be available in two different component builds, and the Release in three different component builds. Both hit stores in mid-March.

All Images: Paris Gore