Riddell: The Modern Football Helmet

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These days, it’s rare to scroll through football headlines without seeing any mentions of head injuries. Of course, issues related to concussions and player safety extend beyond the realm of sports news, which can be seen most recently in the form of the film “Concussion,” starring Will Smith. The NFL, U.S. government, and sports equipment companies have all had to respond by introducing new and safer ways to protect football players on every level.

Riddell, one of the most trusted names in football gear, is dedicated to making the sport safer. With 3D printers and special testing facilities all in one building, the company is able to design and manufacture some of the most technologically advanced football helmets on the market.

One of Riddell’s most important technologies, the Sideline Response System, is a game-changer. Impact sensors, an on-board microprocessor, and a radio transceiver fit into the padding system of helmets, measuring and evaluating impact forces while players are on the field. This system is useful not only for Riddell’s research as it helps inform new football helmet designs, but also for a football team’s athletic training staff to help them better understand player head impact exposure. Riddell’s Sideline Response System also paved the way for the company’s latest sensor technology, InSite.

To learn about Riddell’s innovations in football helmet technology, check out the exclusive video below.