Defend the Net with These Ice Hockey Goalie Essentials

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If you’re a goaltender, it’s crucial to load up on the gear that’ll help you protect the net from the opening faceoff to the final buzzer. Here’s our roundup of the best ice hockey goalie gear for those who set up camp between the pipes.

Sher-Wood Senior SL800 Ice Hockey Goalie Stick

Sher-Wood SL800 Goalie Stick

Available in both senior and junior sizes, the Sher-Wood SL800 is a great choice for those who want to make a long-term investment in a quality puck-stopper. You need something you can trust, day in and day out, and this stick has a wood-carbon shaft and fiberglass reinforcement. Translation: It’ll last a long time.

CCM Senior Extreme Flex 400 Ice Hockey Goalie Pads - 33%22+ 1%22

CCM Extreme Flex 400 Goalie Pads

Have you ever taken a slapshot to the shins? Do you want to? Of course not. These CCM Extreme Flex pads—available in a variety of sizes—are a must have for any goalie. They provide protection and boast a large surface area so kick saves will become a bigger part of your repertoire. They’re also designed for comfort and agility, so your quick reflexes aren’t sacrificed by the bulk. The CCM pads are a great fit for either butterfly, standup or hybrid goalie styles.

CCM Senior 500 Goalie Chest Protector

CCM 500 Goalie Chest Protector

This CCM chest protector has two major perks: Its elite padding technology disperses impact from the elbows and shoulders, and its sheer size will help you stop more shots—especially near the oft-targeted over-the-shoulder area. If you can maintain agility while adding size, you’ll have a distinct advantage over your less-protected counterparts.

Under Armour Senior Hockey Purestrike Top

Under Armour Hockey Purestrike Top

What will you wear under your chest protector? Try a compression top. Keep warm—but not too warm—and dry with the Purestrike compression top. It wicks away sweat and remains snug without sacrificing range of motion. Not to mention, you can wear it while you’re training or during games, making it a jack-of-all-trades addition to your athletic wardrobe.

CCM Intermediate CL 500 Ice Hockey Goalie Pants

CCM Intermediate CL 500 Goalie Pants

The lower-body region is arguably the most uncomfortable place to get hit with a high-speed puck, so having padded goalie pants is crucial. The CL 500 hockey pants protect your backside, as well as your front, with PE foam that pads your lower back when it hits the deck. Extra molded PE foam in the waist and thigh, as well as Nylon (with stretch zones), keeps you comfortable and flexible.

Franklin Senior Tuukka Rask Goalie Undergloves

Franklin Tuuka Rask Goalie Undergloves

These gloves provide incredible grip and durability thanks to their sheepskin leather. Good undergloves are crucial to have since they occasionally stop shots and help pick up the trash in front of the net.

Smarthockey Original Ice Hockey Training Ball

Smarthockey Original Ice Hockey Training Ball

It’s not always possible to get out onto the ice, but that doesn’t mean you should let practice time slide. Grab the Smarthockey Training Ball for when you’re playing on pavement or in the basement. It simulates how a puck moves on ice, as well as the feel of the puck, without sacrificing durability. If you’re stuck practicing your stick saves in the driveway, use a low-friction training ball to keep your reflexes sharp. That way, when you do get back on the ice, you won’t miss a step—or a shot.