9 Cool Snowboards To Shred On This Winter

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When it comes to snowboarding, aesthetics matter. The sport itself is based on making what appears to be difficult look smooth, effortless, and cool. Because style is so important, shredding on a killer snowboard is a must.

If you’re in the market for a new board and have a deep appreciation for the way designers manage to create masterpieces on a curved canvas, we’ve got you covered. Jeffrey Gluck, a New York-based designer and creative consultant who works with visionary lifestyle brands, gave us his take on some of the coolest snowboards on the market. See which one is the right pick for your style.

Burton Men's TWC Pro 2015-2016 Snowboard

Burton Men’s TWC Pro

Jeffrey Gluck: “It screams anarchy and rebellion. The amount of detail put into the illustrations is what makes [the TWC Pro] stand out. I’d watch out for the person on this board—definitely a rebel on the slopes.

Burton Men's Custom Flying V 2014-2015 Snowboard

Burton Men’s Custom Flying V 2014-2015 

JG: “This one has an artist’s touch. The layering of colors and use of brushstrokes is what gives this board the look of what you might find on a painter’s canvas.”

Flow Men's Viper 2014-2015 Snowboard

Flow Men’s Viper

JG: “The Viper is for the minimalist who likes a flash of color. Simple and clean type combined with a nice color contrast makes this one pop.”

Flow Men's Merc 2015-2016 Snowboard

Flow Men’s Merc

JG: “Opt for this board if you prefer to tone it down a bit with the black and white color palette. The use of hard lines, bold elements, and subtle grungy touches still give it flair.”

Burton Men's Blunt 2014-2015 Snowboard

Burton Men’s Blunt

JG: “This one has an urban city vibe to it. It captures the rush of the city with the newspapers scattered along the sidewalk. It looks like someone came along and tagged the board.”

Burton Women's Genie 2014-2015 Snowboard

Burton Women’s Genie

JG: “This one’s for the dreamer. It features a clean, abstract look with watercolors and earthy tones. The subtle geometric pattern is a nice touch. I like how the logo has the look of a gold leaf inlay.”

Burton Women's Feather 2015-2016 Snowboard

Burton Women’s Feather

JG: “This one is certainly playful. The typographic elements appear to be dancing along the board, while the graphics are reminiscent of the mountains. The gradient effect looks like an infographic that would be used to display the rider’s altitude, speed, and acceleration.”

Burton Men's Custom 2015-2016 Flying V Snowboard

Burton Men’s Custom 2015-2016 Flying V

JG: “With lots of stylized layering going on, this one is visually interesting. The artwork has a real sense of depth to it, which gives it the look of a topographic map.”

Burton Men's Throwback 2015-2016 Snowboard

Burton Men’s Throwback

JG: “There is a nice handcrafted nature to the Throwback. It looks like an artisan in the ‘60s or ‘70s made it in his shop and screen-printed the graphics on by hand. Very cool.”