How It’s Made: The Life of a Hockey Stick

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The right equipment can mean the difference between a good play and a game-winning play. In hockey there’s no exception, especially when it comes to the stick.

“It’s like a paint brush to an artist,” says Mike Mountain, Director of Product Marketing at Easton Hockey. “It’s the most important thing you could possibly have in your hands out there.”

Back when hockey sticks were made of multi-laminate wood and glass-coated blades, many players fashioned the sticks themselves using blowtorches and other tools. But now, thanks to brands like Easton Hockey that produce top-of-the-line sticks, players need only to focus on the game.

If you’ve ever wondered how the initial designs of a modern hockey stick evolve into the finished product, check out this exclusive video below. You’ll get an inside look at how Easton Hockey develops its innovative hockey sticks for everyone from NHL Hall of Famers to high school players.