Inside Access: Behind the Scenes with the Steelers’ Equipment Manager

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From making sure helmets, facemasks, and other gear are in check, to washing hundreds of jerseys before game day, Steelers’ Assistant Equipment Manager Patrick Noone has one tough job. When you’re watching the Pittsburgh Steelers in action on Sunday, you probably don’t realize just how much work goes into getting players fully equipped. But after Noone gave us a tour of the team’s vast equipment room, it became clear that a huge amount of care and detail is devoted to outfitting every player on the team.

Noone must ensure Antonio Brown has a new pair of cleats before every game, and that linemen get new ones of their own before they wear the shoe to the ground. Knowing how every player likes his jersey to fit, which for u means extra-tight, is also necessary for Noone. Plus, he’s up-to-date on all the advancements in football gear, and says the Riddell SpeedFlex helmet—the latest model they offer players—is a big hit. For an inside look at the Steelers’ equipment room check out the video below.