Professional Hunter Mike Stroff Shares His Most Memorable Hunt

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Mike Stroff, professional huntsman and outfitter and host of Savage Outdoors on the Sportsman Channel, grew up hunting with his dad in Jacksonville, N.C. He caught his first deer when he was just seven years old and has been hunting ever since. Stroff’s family owned a sporting goods store, which inspired him to delve into the business side of hunting as well. He works with hunting manufacturers to help develop products like compound bows or hunting decoys, and runs Southern Outdoor Experience Hunts in Uvalde, Texas, which has vast prime whitetail hunting grounds.


We caught up with Stroff to talk about his most memorable hunt to date. He shared the incredible story of tracking down a nine-year-old whitetail deer, nicknamed “Antique” for its surprisingly old age, on the Grigsby farm hunting grounds of Illinois. Stroff described the accomplishment as “the biggest trophy that I’ve ever been able to take….because of the challenge of actually getting a deer of that maturity to come in, up close. We got lucky and got him.”

To learn more about Stroff and his whitetail hunt, check out this exclusive video below.