Kansas City Royals Take the World Series and Celebrate in Style

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For almost 30 years, Kansas City fans hoped their team would make it to the postseason. Last year, the Royals won the American League pennant and came within a swing of being crowned World Series champions, but both the team and the fans got a taste of Game 7 heartbreak. Fast forward one year, and this time, the Royals utilized their postseason experience and never-say-die attitude to rally multiple times for their first MLB championship since 1985.

This may be the first Royals title you’ve ever witnessed, but if it’s your second, then it’s likely your ’85 championship gear is in rough shape or got tossed during spring cleaning. After all, three decades is be a long time to hold onto a tee shirt. Thankfully, you now have dozens of fan gear options that will suit your personal style. You can opt to match the team in the same World Series Championship tee they wore post-win, or you can choose from several other options including hoodies, fleeces, polo shirts, and half-zips to show your team pride.

Baseball is an unpredictable sport, which means it’s a good thing KC cashed in on this year’s World Series appearance because you never know when they’ll be back. That’s what makes it fun. But it also drives home the point that seasons (and postseasons) like 2015’s are worthy of commemoration. Don’t miss out on a chance to pay tribute to what could be a once-in-a-lifetime event.