The Gloves That the Best Goalkeepers in the World Are Wearing

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In soccer, there really is no off-season. For goalkeepers, that means their gloves are getting a full workout 12 months per year. Fortunately, whether you’re one of the world’s top goalies or getting geared up for a high school or club season, everyone has access to the same top-quality gear to keep fingers, wrists, and hands protected—and strikers frustrated. Here’s what the world’s top goalkeepers will be wearing this season:


Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea/Belgium), Joe Hart (Manchester City/England): Nike Vapor Grip 3

The Nike Vapor Grip 3 gloves are all about shock absorption. While the four-millimeter contact foam is similar in thickness to what you’ll find in other gloves, the patented Grip 3 technology adds a level of control that others simply can’t match. And for these two Premier League stalwarts, that’s going to be essential this season.


Diego López (AC Milan/Spain), Salvatore Sirigu (Paris St. Germain/Italy): Reusch Receptor

Diego López and Salvatore Sirigu may not be household names yet, but that will change very soon. Both play for countries where they are heirs apparent to well-established goalkeepers and will figure prominently in this year’s Champions League as well. The choice of goaltending gloves for these two rising stars? The Reusch Receptor SG. These gloves have all the features you could want in a pair of goalie mitts. They’ve got Finger Support inserts that add extra padding and comfort to protect against blistering strikes. Plus, they help prevent finger jams. The expanse cut of the Reusch Receptors offers a wide surface area, while the Soft Grip palms maximize ball control. That means you’ll be able to securely snag any ball kicked in your direction without having to worry about slipperiness.


Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich/Germany), Iker Casillas (FC Porto/Spain), David de Gea (Manchester United/Spain), Petr Čech (Arsenal/Czech Republic), Marc-André ter Stegen (Barcelona/Germany): adidas Zone

There’s a reason the adidas Zone is one of the most worn pair of gloves in world football this season. With a similar colorway and design aesthetic to the ACE 15.1 boots, these gloves provide everything a goalkeeper could ask for: Evo Zone Technology latex that offers maximum control on any ball hit in the keeper’s direction, a negative cut to make it feel like the Zone is part of the keeper’s hands, and a latex-foam construction to keep hands cool. Worn by players whose names are recognizable all over the world, these are the gloves you’ll see on the field in the top games across the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, and Champions League.


Tim Howard (Everton/USA), Brad Guzan (Aston Villa/USA): Nike Premier SGT

Howard may have become a global icon at the 2014 World Cup after his 18-save performance against Belgium, but it’s Guzan who’s ascended to USA No. 1 in the wake of Howard’s self-imposed international hiatus. Both American goalkeepers will be standing between the posts for their Premier League squads when the new season kicks off, and they’ll be sporting the Nike Premier SGT. With its laser-etched Sipe Grip technology in the palm, four-millimeter contact foam, and pre-curved bio-align technology, these gloves offer goalkeepers the chance to corral any ball struck in their direction regardless of weather conditions. The gloves’ vented thumb and backhand also ensure maximum breathability, making the Premier SGT a perfect choice in all conditions.