Little Fenway: How Mini Ballpark Replicas Bring Communities Together

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Most baseball or wiffle ball fanatics express their love of the sport by following their favorite major league players and teams or playing ball at a local field. For Pat O’Connor, his passion for the game inspired him to create a place to play in his own backyard. But O’Connor didn’t just want to set up a baseball diamond; he wanted to build a baseball park.

“When I talked to different people, they usually came in either very excited—thinking this was the coolest idea they’d ever heard of—or they thought I was crazy,” said O’Connor.

In 2001, O’Connor, with the help of friends and neighbors, built a detailed, one-fourth scale replica of Boston’s famous Fenway Park, right in his neighborhood of Essex, Vermont.

DSG_LITTLE_FENWAY _Resized2Now the park is a hugely popular site that brings friends, neighbors, and visitors together for wiffle ball games and tournaments and has helped raise more than $4 million for various charities, according to the Little Fenway website.

When O’Connor realized the field could be used for more than just fun with friends and neighbors, he decided to expand his backyard-baseball haven to raise even more money for charity. Check out the exclusive video below to find out what other famous fields O’Connor built replicas of in his backyard and to hear more about Little Fenway’s success.