5 Reasons to Stay Amped as the MLB Postseason Rolls On

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The MLB postseason is no longer the sprint it used to be. What was once a showdown between the best team in each league has since become elongated to keep up with other sports. But in less than a week, we’ll know who’s set to face off in the World Series so it’s time to get excited and gear up. Here are five reasons to stay amped as the postseason rolls on.


The Cubs Could Nab Their First Pennant Since World War II

The Chicago Cubs have been stacking prospects over the past several years in an effort to return to relevance. Not only has the plan worked, but it’s also arrived well ahead of schedule. Now, the eternally optimistic fan base has a chance to see what their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents never did: A World Series winner on the north side of Chicago. If you’re in that camp, show your pride by decking out in the classic red, white, and Cubs blue.


The Mets’ Young Pitching Staff is Ready For the Stardom

Whereas the Cubs’ success is built around young, exciting position players, the Mets’ is built around young, exciting pitchers. Both teams have the potential to be exceptional, with the current NLCS serving as the beginning of a long-lasting rivalry. It’s always fun to watch talent you’ve heard of (and watched grow) for years finally take the next step towards greatness. The Mets appears ready to make that step, with a rotation that could terrify the NL for a generation much like the Braves in the ‘90s. Grab your Mets gear now, and it’s likely you’ll be proud to wear it for years to come.


Canada Has a Team in a Championship Series For the First Time Since 1993

It’s always been a little odd that Major League Baseball calls its championship the “World Series,” considering that the U.S. is usually the only nation to participate. This year, we could see a second country tossing a team into the mix. Not since the days of Joe Carter’s walk-off home run in 1993 has Canada had a reason to cheer this late into October. Boasting an offense with a take no prisoners lineup, the Blue Jays have as good of a chance as anybody to win the title…provided they can bash their way out of yet another 0-2 series hole. Cheer them on by representing in style.


The Royals Get a Second Chance to Finish the Job

Last year, the Royals came within one swing of winning the championship. Unfortunately (for Kansas City, at least) it didn’t work out. We’re sure the frustration of coming up short when you are that close would only be compounded if the team were a flash in the pan. But these Royals aren’t. They proved that by winning 95 games this season. Now, they have the chance to correct the mistakes of their first run, and get a second straight opportunity to shut the city down for a victory parade through the heart of KC. Make sure you’re ready for their run by grabbing gear fit for royalty.

A New Team (And Fan Base) Will Celebrate a World Series Champ For the First Time This Century

The four teams playing have gone a combined 188 years without a title. Whoever does find themselves to be the last team standing will have rewarded the painstaking patience of their fan base, whether it’s Blue Jays fans who haven’t seen a World Series winner since Jurassic Park came out on VHS, or Cubs fans who’ve been waiting for the same title since Ford produced the first Model T. Whoever wins, a new generation of diehards will be able to look back on this past season and have outstanding memories for the rest of their lives. As many fans know, seeing your team win a championship can be a rare sight. Long story short: Don’t pass up a chance to commemorate it and wear your allegiance on your sleeve.