Top Trainer Natalie Uhling Talks Under Armour, Motivation and Her Must-Have Gear

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For Natalie Uhling, pursuing a career in the fitness industry was a no-brainer. Growing up, she was naturally athletic, exploring all aspects of fitness including swimming, dancing, and kickboxing. Fast-forward to age 31, and she has successfully married her passion for fitness, fashion, and empowering people as an Under Armour “Woman of Will” and the creator of the NUFit method, an hour-long, calorie-torching workout that combines her two loves: dance and kickboxing.

Some of Uhling’s clients include Kelley O’Hara, Olympic soccer gold medalist and FIFA world champion, and tennis pro Sloane Stephens. Why do they choose Uhling? Because she pushes you—hard. Having worked out with Uhling before I can tell you that when you finish, there’s nothing left in your gas tank, which is how it should be. She gives everything and expects the same of her clients. Her positive “take life by the horns” attitude is infectious. Being in her presence somehow makes you want to work harder, eat healthier, completely kill a workout, and then take on the day with a smile. Who wouldn’t want a trainer like that?

Here, Uhling lets us in on her must-have gear and motivation secrets. Read on to soak in the good vibes and walk away ready to hustle.

Image: Instagram @natalieuhling
Image: Instagram @natalieuhling

What drew you to this active lifestyle?

“Passion and energy! I knew at a very young age fitness was my calling.”

How did you turn that passion for fitness into a career?

“Hard work and dedication. I spent years being mentored by amazing industry leaders. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this exciting business from a very early age. When you are ‘in the weeds’ on a day-to-day basis, you really become an expert.”

Image: Instagram @natalieuhling
Image: Instagram @natalieuhling

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

“Interacting with my students and spreading my love of movement and music with them. It’s all about the people and that connection. I love helping others and creating a positive shift in their life.”

How do you train?

I teach my class NUFit, which kicks my butt! I also love to take dance classes, yoga, Pilates, and I love to hike. Being outdoors is one of my

Image: Instagram @NatalieUhling
Image: Instagram @NatalieUhling

favorite ways to exercise.”

What’s the one piece of fitness gear you can’t live without?

“A good sports bra is where it starts, so I live in the Under Armour mid impact bra [Under Armour Women’s Still Gotta Have It Bra]. The colors are awesome.”

What do you keep in your gym bag to get you through a long day?

Headphones, iPod, water, jump rope, Chapstick, an apple, and I pack vegan protein powder to put in my smoothies.”

How else do you fuel up?

“I eat a plant-based diet. I listen to my body and really fuel by how I am feeling on that day.”

What advice do you give your students?

“Love what you do! When you love what you do, your whole life changes. Energy is everything!”

How do you balance it all—classes, coaching, training, and modeling?

“It comes from my intense passion and love of the sport. I wake up everyday feeling like the luckiest girl.”

What is the philosophy that keeps you motivated?

“Change happens first from the inside out. Once your mind is on board, the body will follow. Understand your truth and go get it!”