• 5 Pilates Moves You Can Do Anywhere From Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich
  • Single Leg Stretch

    Strengthens core and improves coordination while stretching hips and back 

    • Lie face up on the mat, legs straight, arms resting at sides
    • Pull one knee into chest as you raise other leg two inches off the mat
    • Switch sides and repeat, pressing lower back into the mat and keeping shoulders relaxed, away from ears
    • Repeat 10 times
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  • Double Leg Stretch

    Strengthens core with more intensity, while connecting breath with movement, works body in opposition, and strengthens back

    • Draw both knees to chest and wrap arms around them to form a ball
    • Inhale and extend both legs and arms straight out while pressing lower back to the mat
    • Exhale and circle arms around as you pull both knees to chest and return to starting position
    • Repeat 5 times while engaging core with each rep
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  • Single Straight Leg Stretch

    Stretches hamstrings, strengthens abs, and improves coordination while connecting breath with movement

    • Lift one leg two inches off and extend the other straight up, grabbing behind that knee or calf with both hands
    • Gently pulse the leg twice towards you to stretch then switch legs and repeat
    • Keep belly button pulled into spine, lower back pressed into the mat, and shoulders relaxed
    • Repeat 10 times on each leg
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  • Double Straight Leg Stretch

    Strengthens lower abs and stretches hamstrings

    • With feet in a Pilates V (heels together, toes apart), extend both legs straight up with fingertips lightly resting behind ears
    • Inhale, lowering legs toward mat while keeping your lower back pressed into the mat, then exhale lifting legs back up
    • Stretch legs long and pull belly button in, keeping upper body lifted at all times
    • Repeat 5 times
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  • Criss Cross

    Works obliques and stretches the side of the body to improve coordination and connection to breath

    • Lift one leg two inches above the mat, pull other knee in towards opposite shoulder, twisting through the waist
    • Switch sides and twist
    • Keep hips planted on mat while lifting through ribs and shoulders
    • Breathe with every twist and keep chest open
    • Repeat 10 times each side
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5 Pilates Moves You Can Do Anywhere From Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich

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Whether you’re looking to start your morning off right, traveling with limited gym resources, or just having a stressful day, performing a few quick Pilates moves can make a world of difference. Los Angeles-based Pilates and fitness trainer Kit Rich is full of endless exercise and nutritional know-how. Some of the biggest celebrities and entertainment industry insiders are addicted to Rich’s unique fusion technique that combines extensive Pilates training with calorie-burning cardio, yoga, and weight training. Here, she shows us the Series of Five, a set of moves you can do nearly anywhere you can fit a mat.

“I personally love this series because no matter how strong you are, you will always be challenged by it,” says Rich. “You can do it anywhere, no equipment needed, just you and a mat and Lucy activewear, of course.”

These moves will “focus your energy, improve and lift your spirits while waking you up,” she says. “If you’re tired, do these exercises. If you’re sad, do these exercises. If you’re not focused, do these exercises.” So what are you waiting for? Flip for her go-to Pilates routine.