An Inside Look at The History of Wiffle Ball

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Wiffle ball, the family-friendly, American pastime so many love to play, actually came from small, familial beginnings in the 1950s. David Mullany, president of Wiffle Ball Inc., explained how his grandfather noticed his son and some local kids playing a spin-off version of baseball with a “little, plastic golf ball and a broomstick.”

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Fast-forward a few years, and Mullany’s grandfather heads to a factory in Connecticut to finalize that eight-hole ball design we’re all familiar with today.

“So my grandfather said, ‘Alright, this is it.’ He took a mortgage out on the house, borrowed some money from family and friends, and started the company,” explains Mullany. “That’s how we got here.”

And now Wiffle Ball Inc. is producing millions and millions of balls every year. (So much so that Mullany can’t even say the official number.)

He can, however, explain his love for playing wiffle ball, and, of course, his job making wiffle balls. “It makes me feel good that we put something together that brings people that kind of happiness,” he says.

To get all the details on Wiffle Ball Inc.’s humble beginnings, and an inside look on how wiffle balls are actually made, check out this exclusive video: