WHAT’S HOT: Joggers Are the New Jeans

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Forget skinny jeans for your next girls’ night out, and grab sweatpants instead. Not the oversized pair you’ve been saving for Sunday movie marathons, but the new, fashion-world approved kind: joggers. If styled correctly, they’re the socially acceptable version of sweats that you can wear out in public for all occasions. So if stylish comfort is high on your priority list, this trend is for you.

“Joggers, sweats, leggings, and athletic bottoms in general, are a huge part of the athleisure trend that is dominating the market right now,” says Kesha Pomeroy, Director of Roxy Merchandising and Design. “It is both influenced by, as well as influential in, women embracing health and fitness.” As a whole, the fitness industry is booming. Getting fit in a fun way has become more of a lifestyle choice than ever, so why shouldn’t your wardrobe reflect that? Gone are the days of having one set of clothes to work out in and another to go out in. According to Pomeroy, “The key to wearing a piece of your workout gear outside of the gym is pairing it with other, non-workout, pieces from your closet.”

Ready to merge your love of fitness and fashion? Here are three tips to rock joggers the right way:

Balancing Act

While joggers are typically tapered and tailored, these are still technically sweatpants and therefore a bit baggy on the bottom. Balance the extra fabric on the bottom with a tighter tank on top to show off the curves you work hard for.

Make a Statement

Solidify the fact that you’re not coming from, or going to, the gym with the addition of some statement pieces. “You can make joggers feel a little edgier by pairing them with your favorite tank, throwing on a statement necklace, and topping off the look with a leather jacket,” says Pomeroy. If you’re wearing these to a more sophisticated event, or out at night, you can even add your favorite heels.

Casual Chic

Heading out to run errands doesn’t require such bold accent pieces, but this is still a moment to stand your style ground. When keeping it casual, Pomeroy suggests pairing joggers with a simple tee and tying a flannel around your waist, plus your favorite pair of old-school kicks.

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