How adidas Is Stepping Up to Serve Young Female Athletes

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Going through your pre-teen and teen years is tough enough. The last thing girls need to worry about is not being able to find the right athletic gear for on and off the field or court, but unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of stylish, athletic options out there for girls.

Young, active women are often stuck buying boys’ gear or end up opting for adult women’s gear, which might not fit their growing bodies comfortably.

Luckily, adidas is stepping up to serve young female athletes with a new line of activewear called adiGirl. adiGirl represents one of the few product lines that’s truly respectful and in tune with strong, sporty, young women.


Nothing in the line is overly girly, young, or candy sweet. Blue, red, purple, and black colorways edged in heather gray dominate, while a fresh, tie-dyed graphics and poppy florals round out the mix.


Of course, teen girls have different physical needs than teen boys or women, for that matter. As such, the tops are boxier—not too tight—and allow for growth as girls’ bodies develop and change. The muscle tanks aren’t cut too low. The bottoms are loose basketball shorts, mesh short-shorts, and capri pants with a slouchy sweatpant-style fit. It’s practical, comfortable, and still really cute. Obviously.

The new line will feature a variety of styles in stores and online, and you can get it exclusively here.