3 Tips To Keep You Laser-Focused Before Your Next Basketball Game

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In order to be the best, you have to think like the best. How many times have you heard that? It sounds cliché but it’s true. You can’t step foot on the basketball court thinking your opponent might get the best of you—otherwise, they will. Letting doubts penetrate your mind will be toxic to your game. That’s basketball 101.

The next time you head to battle on the court—whether it’s a summer pick-up game or the championship game of the season—get focused on pulling down a W. Here are three simple tips to help you prepare:

Just Breathe

It sounds pretty basic, right? But most people don’t understand the importance of breathing before and during exercise. Controlled breathing keeps your mind and body functioning at its best and keeps you calm. If you begin to overthink things before a game, take a few minutes to yourself and practice a few deep-breathing techniques to clear your mind of negativity.

Blast Some Beats

No pregame ritual would be complete without the right playlist to get you in the zone. Pick a few blood-pumping beats that will boost your energy and make you feel like you’re going for a triple-double and the win.

Step into the Right Shoes

A pair we love: the new Nike Zoom Without A Doubt. The multi-directional traction pattern outsole with flex grooves allows you to easily cut back and forth while defending or pull up on the dime for a three-pointer. The breathable mid-foot cage and cushiony lining keeps your foot locked down and comfortable so you can maintain laser focus on the game. Plus, the high-top design offers ankle support in case you come down from a rebound on another player’s foot.

NIke Zoom