This Explosive Ball Will Bring Major Distance to Your Golf Game

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When Top Flite decided to name their newest golf ball, “Bomb,” it’s no surprise that it was designed to bring more distance to your game. Created for the golfer who is looking for more length off the tee, the Top Flite Bomb Balls will certainly grab your attention. With the huge word “Bomb” boldly featured on the 24-ball packs, you can’t help but be inspired to get on the course and see just how explosive they can be off the tee.

bombFor a company that was founded in 1970 with the tagline, “It’s always been about distance,” these new golf balls fit perfectly into the company’s heritage. Top Flite is also the official golf ball brand of the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship, so the engineers understand how to develop more technology to get that extra distance we’re all trying to obtain.

For the Bomb Golf Balls, it begins with a larger core that allows for optimized energy transfers, and therefore increases overall ball speed. It’s a two-piece construction to push the envelope in gaining more control and distance. The core is designed to deliver consistent performance because of the resilient, maximum coefficient of restitution polybutadiene construction; and the ionomer blend cover features a high launch and low spin dimple pattern for increased greenside spin and improved control. Translation: this ball allows you to ‘grip it and rip it’ with confidence. End of story.

“Everyone is looking for more distance, and this is achieved by engineering a larger core that gives the player more speed, and combined with low spin,” says David Michaels, Senior Product Manager of the brand.

And though you might not be ready to enter the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship anytime soon, you’ll at least have a chance to outdrive your buddies on the course, and that accomplishment is simply priceless.