HyperIce Vyper Makes Waves in Sport Recovery

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If pro athletes like Blake Griffin, Lindsay Vonn, and Olivier Giroud were all doing one thing for post-workout recovery, wouldn’t you be interested? Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret: They are. And what they’re using is the Vyper by HyperIce.

You may have heard about HyperIce due to their signature product, Ice Compression Wraps. These braces utilize targeted cold and compression therapy to reduce inflammation to injured or sore areas. The cool part is, HyperIce launched this product first in pro training rooms across the country, using it with athletes like Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, and LeBron James to name a few. It was so popular, they brought the product to the mass market in 2013.

“Our goal is to be the leader in recovery technology,” says Jim Huether, CEO of HyperIce. “We want to give the average consumer access to the same technology the pros get.”

Their latest product to hit the market nearly lit it on fire. The VDSG-Images-2yper launched on Kickstarter in August 2014 and went flying off the shelves,—er, the e-shelves that is. The Vyper is a high-intensity vibrating foam roller, so it offers all of the benefits of your basic foam roller and kicks them up a notch by adding high frequency vibration. “This helps with circulation, warming up the body before activity and with recovery afterwards,” says Huether.

It’s powered by a rechargeable battery, which you charge up like your cell phone. “It utilizes the same lithium ion power source technology as Tesla,” says Heuther. “Three years ago, you wouldn’t have been able to put this much vibration into such a small space,” he explains. You’re able to toggle between three different speeds to meet your needs and preferences. The grooved exterior of the roller helps to better engage and massage the muscles. “When you add frequency to pressure, the combination of the two increases your muscle recovery, which improves restoration and increases your range of motion, helps lengthen muscles, increases circulation and reduces muscle soreness and stiffness,” says Heuther.

These benefits aren’t just empty claims. HyperIce worked very closely to develop this product with the head of their scientific advisory board, Dr. Michael Clark, a certified physical therapist and functional movement specialist. Dr. Clark worked on the Phoenix Suns during the Steve Nash era and kept a, shall we say, “older” team mobile and helped to increase the longevity of their careers.

The Vyper is adding even more pros to their list of users including Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Aron Rodgers, Mark Sanchez, and Hope Solo. In fact, some of these athletes love it so much, they’ve invested in the company, which is why The Vyper might be worth your investment.