New Technology Lights the Way for Your Next Camping Trip

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If you grew up camping, you likely grew up with the warm, bright glow from the Coleman gas lantern in all its green glory. It’s long been the standard for lighting evening camp activities from cooking to playing cards to studying the map for the next day’s hike. There is, however, a little work to do to get that uniform luminescence and while there’s something to waxing nostalgic over filling the lantern with gas, pumping the air in, lighting the mantles, and watching them burst into brilliance, sometimes flipping a switch to brighten your campsite with 360 degrees of radiant light is effort enough.

ColemanEnter Coleman’s new CPX 6 1000 Lumen Lantern. This battery-powered lantern offers the latest in Remote Phosphor technology from Intematix and it matches the output of gas lanterns, but without all of the labor. Traditional LED lanterns produce a glare that can’t duplicate the warmth of gas, but the five Luxeon Rebel ES LEDs have their phosphor composite separated from the blue LED energy source, which eliminates that glare, leaving you with the warm, bright glow you already know.

Beyond the cozy quality of the light, this also allows the lantern to be more efficient, up to 30 percent more efficient. The lantern has high, medium, low, and strobe settings. On high the full 1000 lumens throw 20 feet of light over your camp table for up to five hours, while on low the lantern will glow for over four days.

Conveniently it can be powered either by four D cell batteries (sold separately) or with the CPX 6 rechargeable power cartridge upgrade, which is compatible with other Coleman CPX 6 products. The unit is also water-resistant so if unexpected rain or squirt gun toting kids invade your campsite, it will still light right up.