THE INSIDER: Make the World Your Soccer Pitch with this Collapsible Goal

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Anyone who has ever kicked a soccer ball has been there: You’re practicing in your yard or at the park playing a friendly game, someone takes a shot towards a shabbily-assembled goal made of some combination of cones, bags, or t-shirts, and the match stops for five minutes as everyone debates whether the ball went in or not. Insults are hurled, feelings get hurt, and half the time someone just takes their ball and goes home. If only there was another way to resolve these disputes and (gasp!) get on with the game…

66Finally, a remedy has been discovered for this seemingly incurable soccer ill. When a couple of balled-up t-shirts dispatched as “posts” simply won’t do, there’s only one way to turn your backyard or local park into a match-ready pitch: the PRIMED Instant Goal.

In just a couple of minutes, without any tools beyond your own two hands, and a desire to play the beautiful game, you can set up the PRIMED Instant Goal and be ripping shots into the upper 90 like Ronaldo and Messi. The posts’ composite and metal frame—along with PRIMED’s high-grade polyester net—means that even if you want to get a quick game in during a hurricane or blizzard (not recommended, by the way), one thing that you won’t have to worry about is whether or not your goal can withstand the elements. It’s also completely collapsible and comes in its own personal carrying bag, meaning that you can build your own “Theater of Dreams” literally anywhere in the world.

Plus, having an actual goal means that those needless arguments about “in or not in” can mercifully be retired. Just think of all the friendships that will be saved and the extra time people will spend actually playing rather than fighting.