How Paul Rabil Became One of The Best Lacrosse Players in The World

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His parent’s house, the driveway after dark, graffiti-covered back alleys, the middle of the woods—no matter where Paul Rabil was as a kid, he found any and every opportunity to do what he loves: Play lacrosse. So he got creative. He worked with what he had, and he worked incredibly hard. And just when he thought he was done—that he couldn’t take another shot or do another rep—he did one more.

The result? He went from being just a kid peppering the walls of his parent’s house all night to being one of the best midfielders in the world and a Warrior athlete, pulling down championships, MVP titles, and Player of the Year awards.

“That drive, that lack of resources, is what gives lacrosse players that edge,” says Rabil. It’s how he got his edge.

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