What to Consider When Choosing Snow Goggles

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Ski and snowboard season isn’t over just yet. In fact, the end of the season is the best time to stock up on gear for next year. When you’re hitting the slopes, there are a few essential items you can’t go without, and a good pair of goggles is indispensable. They’ll protect your eyes from the elements, help keep your face warm, and in most cases, enhance your vision. Before you grab a pair or update your old ones, here are five things to consider.

The color or tint of the lenses you chose makes a huge difference. The options are endless, which can feel overwhelming at times, but these are the basics to keep in mind.

Clear: ideal for low light conditions including nighttime.

Mirrored: reflect light off of the lenses for extremely bright, sunny days.

Tinted: depending on the color, these are going to filter light and glare for improved vision in different conditions from bright and sunny to cloudy and overcast.

The lenses, frames, and straps all come in a variety of color options. Think about your style and what kind of look you want. When in doubt, coordinate with the rest of your gear or go with the never-fails basic black.

The goggles should fit comfortably on your head and over a helmet as well as snugly on your face and around your nose. Many come with adjustable straps for customization and versatility and are sized small, medium, or large.

Look for extras like vents and anti-fog coating so you don’t steam up inside. UV protection is also a great idea as many people overlook sun protection in the winter, but the sun’s rays are always out and much stronger at higher altitudes.

Decide which features are most important to you and then look at price to see what you can get for your budget. If you need the latest technology, then it’s worth splurging a bit, but if you’re cool with having a basic pair of goggles, you’ll have extra dough in your pocket for a new set of skis or that jacket you’ve been eyeing.

Here’s to hoping for one last dump of powder or at least some good spring corn.