• Why You Should Take the GoPro HERO4 on Your Next Adventure

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  • Video Quality Like None Other

    GoPro cameras were specifically designed to shoot your outdoor adventures in the smallest form factor possible without compromising video quality. This model puts you at the forefront of mobile video recording with 4K shooting and a large collection of resolution modes made available on both the Black and Silver versions. That’s nearly twice the pixel density of an iPhone 6. Working with a wider frame rate selection—24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 90, and 120 frames per second—adds to the presentation value by allowing you to leverage the quality of videos depending on the activity.

    The camera sensor is arguably the GoPro 4’s most underrated feature. Even without optical image stabilization, it can adapt to movement and vibration better than most other action cameras, while transitioning smoothly to exposure changes with little motion blur. Landscape conquerors also have the luxury of selecting from different fields of view (medium, narrow, and ultra wide), bringing their adventures to life from different perspectives.

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  • Made for Instant Video Accessibility and Sharing

    Those who’ve toyed with some of the previous GoPro models know all too well the frustrations that came with accessing the camera settings. The setup was cluttered and forced users to depend on the front button to select options through the tiny monochrome display. This is why the GoPro 4 stands out as a significant upgrade with its inclusion of a sharp touchscreen (a first for the company) that comes with its fair share of advantages. On top of being highly responsive, it’s extremely useful for framing shots and makes changing settings on the fly a breeze. What was previously the Wi-Fi button now serves a different purpose: enabling the Hilight Tag feature, which highlights a specific portion of your captured footage and tags it for later viewing. Lastly, all that content is made available on the GoPro mobile app and can be shared with others on popular social media outlets.

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  • It’s Drone-Friendly

    When we suggest you strap it on, we’re not necessarily implying to keep the action camera hooked to you at all times. After all, like the GoPro, drones can be considered an extension of your gear. Most of the top-rated quadcopters out there have built-in mounts to house the mini-camera. So whether it’s climbing up active volcanoes or majestic mountains, you can utilize the unmanned vehicle to film stunning aerial footage, minus the Hollywood budget.

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  • The Action Camera Built for Every Adventure

    Most companies market their creations as “go-anywhere” cameras, but end up falling apart after being submerged in water or taking a hard bump to the terrain. GoPro has built a strong reputation for its fine and near-indestructible craftsmanship. This next-gen camera remains one of the few that can work effectively in any atmosphere: air, land and sea. Its waterproof housing makes it the perfect companion for scuba divers looking to explore depths within a 131-feet range. Death defiers of all sorts benefit most from the several mounts and quick-release buckles bundled with the package as it allows them to record Kodak moments from numerous viewing angles.

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  • Special Modes for Special Occasions

    GoPro has managed to squeeze a series of modes into its latest cube-sized camera, each designated for specific shooting situations. SuperView appeals more to extreme sports enthusiasts as it dynamically stretches the viewing angle to assist with more detailed shoots. Protune serves best for recording in low-light scenarios such as cave diving since it shoots raw footage without enabling any of the GoPro’s automatic imaging features. Then comes the Night Lapse mode for the outdoor crowd, stringing together long exposures to create cool time-lapse clips.

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Why You Should Take the GoPro HERO4 on Your Next Adventure

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When it comes to action cameras, GoPro has become synonymous with the outdoor adventure crowd. Mountain climbers, skydivers, extreme sports evangelists and thrill seekers alike rely on the company’s line of compact shooters to capture their first-person adrenaline recaps. The recently launched GoPro HERO4 is proving to be no exception, garnering praise for its enhanced feature set and remarkable video quality. In fact, many argue that it’s the top life-capturing solution on the market. For those who still need convincing, here are a few reasons why the GoPro HERO4 should be at your side (or strapped to your chest) when heading out on your next adventure.