• Warrior Burn 8.0 Lacrosse Cleat: The Legacy Continues
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Warrior Burn 8.0 Lacrosse Cleat: The Legacy Continues

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Warrior Sports was founded in 1992 and has since grown to be one of the most exciting, respected names in the sports world. The Warren, Michigan based company produces equipment and clothing for ice hockey, soccer, and most notably, lacrosse. Founder Dave Morrow played lacrosse while growing up in Birmingham, Michigan. He went on to star at Princeton University, even winning NCAA player of the year in 1993.

Due to Morrow’s love for the game, the company is, above all, a lacrosse equipment company. Warrior revolutionized the game by being the first to manufacture titanium shafts (now the most common material used for shafts).

Warrior’s newest innovation is the Burn 8.0 cleat. “The Burn is our franchise model,” says Zach Schreier, Warrior footwear marketing manager. “It is lacrosse’s ultimate speed cleat.”

Warrior takes tremendous pride in creating the Burn year over year. “With our cleats, we solely focus on the game of lacrosse and push ourselves to provide all lacrosse athletes with the best possible product.” The Burn 8.0 is the lightest and fastest cleat they have ever created.

They focused on this cleat from the ground up. “We wanted to be able to provide all lacrosse players with the games ultimate cleat that would allow them to compete at a higher level,” says Schreier.

They accomplished this by creating a brand new Tri-Density Plate as well as utilizing their ExploWeave technology in a greater scale. “What that means is that we constructed the plate to use three different densities of TPU (thermo polyurethane) in order to provide the perfect combination of flexibility, stability and traction.”

The main portion of the plate was designed to allow for increased flexibility for a better overall feel on field. The mid-foot shank is made of the stiffest material, thereby creating the optimal amount of support for the athlete. The tips of the studs are the third density as well as the softest, providing for maximum traction in even the harshest playing conditions.

“For the upper we wanted to focus on reducing weight and making the athlete faster,” says Schreier. They took the ExploWeave technology that they launched with their most elite cleat, the Gospel, and incorporated it there. Warrior also strategically placed ExploWeave through the saddle to prevent the upper from stretching allowing for greater explosion in and out of cuts.

The shoe’s design is centered on lightweight speed. “Every detail that goes into the cleat must be there for a reason,” says Schreier. “Yes, we want our product to look awesome on the shelf, but we also want to provide the most authentic cleats in the game.” The molding details are a perfect example of this. The toes were designed with natural flex points in the upper portion while the sides shift to pop off the cleat, forming an external structure for the upper portion.

The Burn 8.0 is currently available in five inline colors in both mid and low cuts. Warrior also makes three mid-cut exclusive colors that you can only find at Dick’s Sporting Goods store. “We really pushed ourselves to increase the technologies in the cleat, ultimately creating the games ultimate speed cleat.”