Track Your Soccer Stats With the adidas MiCoach Smart Ball

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Technology has permanently infiltrated the wide world of sports. From wearable fitness watches to sneakers equipped with performance tracking chips and everything in-between, tech plays a big role in how athletes train and how coaches track their progress. In soccer, things are no different. Case in point: the adidas miCoach Smart Ball.

adidasball2Designed as a personal training tool, the miCoach Ball is embedded with a tri-axel accelerometer that records speed, spin, and strike rate and transmits the collected data via built-in Bluetooth 4.0 to any iOS device (using the miCoach app) for instant feedback. The main goal of the high-tech ball is to help improve a player’s technique through trial and error—it will tell you precisely the ideal spot to kick the ball, compared to where you hit it, as well as its trajectory and what should be done differently to execute the most efficient strike possible. Not to be confused with a game ball, the miCoach is designed for use on the practice field, where athletes can utilize it to learn how to master skillful kicks and hit the pitch with confidence.

Following a one-hour charge session on the induction base (included), the ball has a field life of approximately 2,000 kicks or one-week standby time. It may not be a game day ball per se, but the miCoach is built to the exact specifications of an official ball. The size five, 32-panel construction is built to the highest quality match ball standards. It also features an endless kevlar loop mounting system that gives the ball the weight, feel, and other characteristics of the type of ball you’re used to.

Goalies beware. This secret weapon is sure to make out-and-out strikers more dangerous than ever.