Skip The Gym Membership with the TRX Home Fitness Kit

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It’s not everyday you want to haul your butt to the gym—and really, the TRX Home Fitness Kit makes going to the gym totally optional. In fact, no matter where you want to do a workout, this portable training system makes it happen.

TRXTRX uses gravity and your own bodyweight to build and tone muscle—one reason why the military, major league baseball teams, UFC fighters and Olympic athletes are all hooked on the workout. The Home Kit is packed with everything you need: the Suspension Trainer, door anchor, suspension anchor and an eight-week exercise program, plus six digital video downloads. Each leads you through a short but effective 15- to 30-minute session targeting various areas, from total body to chest and back, legs and hips, and core.

So there’s hardly any room for excuses. We love how it was designed to be portable and lightweight, so you can use the door anchor to easily set up the system in your living room or in a hotel room while on a business trip. (After all, hotel fitness centers leave a lot to be desired.) If you want to work out on your lawn, you can use the suspension anchor to hook it up outside. Or if your gym doesn’t have TRX equipment, you can bring the kit in yourself.

No matter what your goals are—whether you’re looking to lose weight before a trip to Mexico with friends, tone up for a wedding, or get ripped for a reunion—this kit has you covered.