Refine Your Short Game with SuperStroke Plus Grips

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As the saying goes, “Drive for show, putt for dough,” putting is an integral part of every round. And let’s be honest, a huge drive with a slight draw that lands in the center of the fairway gives you a pretty satisfying feeling as you work your way towards the green, well past your buddies; but there’s also no denying that other feeling when you beat the odds and make a long putt from the fringe or simply drop a two-footer that wins the hole.

SuperStrokeA good day with the putter is vital to shooting a good round, so take the time to find the perfect putter with the correct length and grip that fits you. SuperStroke has revolutionized the putter grip industry offering the Flatso, Fatso, Ultra Slim, Squared, and many other grips allowing you to find the perfect one that feels just right (and provides positive results). However, now SuperStroke has taken it one step further so you can fully customize your grip and refine that ever-important short game.

For the +Plus Series, SuperStroke combined the oversized, non-tapered grip technology with the new counter-weighting system (called CounterCore), which allows you to make any putter a counter-balanced putter. These putter grips measure 13.75 inches and come in the 2.0XL, 3.0LX and Flatso 2.0XL models. The kicker is the threaded cap design that you can twist off to add a 50-gram weight inside the butt end of your putter grip without actually removing the grip or using added adhesives.

It’s still very new, which has prompted a lot of questions on how it works and how it’s installed, but the concept is solid. The SuperStroke grips have been very well-received in the market, and this added customization, thanks to their CounterCore technology, could prove to further revolutionize the putter grips of tomorrow.