Oakley PRIZM Technology Redefines Snow Goggles

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Picture this: you just step off of the gondola at the summit of the mountain. It’s snowing—that light, airy, fluffy kind of snow that transforms the slopes into a pow-lovers paradise. Everyone has the fever. They can’t wait to take the first run of the day. But these whiteout conditions are making it hard to see. Your current goggles keep the snow out of your eyes, but other than acting like a facial windshield, they don’t bring much more to the table. You know that without clear visibility, the day isn’t going to be as fun as it should be; it could even end up being dangerous.

OakleyGogglesThis is a situation you never want to find yourself in. Whether you head into the backcountry like a total pro or you’re more of a snow bunny taking on the greens, a day on the slopes should be an epic blast, and you should never feel hindered by your gear. Enter: Oakley’s PRIZM Goggles.

Oakley, a leader in sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces and particularly well-known for eyewear, has set out to revolutionize the lens market once again with their latest PRIZM technology. This cutting-edge lens tech is built around color science research that dramatically enhances contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions. Think of it like night vision for your snow goggles. Or better yet, if you have contacts or glasses, then you know how debilitating it feels to be without them, but once they’re in place, you can suddenly see clearly again. That’s what PRIZM will do for you on the slopes. It helps the human eye perceive more detail and nuances in the snow even in low-light conditions, which dramatically improves your vision.

These lenses are available in many styles including the new Flight Deck goggles and the Canopy goggles (shown above). Inspired by the helmet visors of fighter pilots, the new Flight Deck design is rimless to help maximize your peripheral vision and features an anti-fog coating to prevent the lenses from steaming up. The PRIZM lenses come in three different color options—Black Iridium, Jade Iridium and Rose—to filter light in different conditions so when it’s overcast, all-white-everything, or a sunny day, you’ll be ready. I took them for a test run on a bluebird day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and during an all-out blizzard in Stowe, Vermont, and I have never seen more clearly on the slopes in any condition. Seriously, once you go PRIZM, you’ll never go back.

Grab these to prevent finding yourself in a low-viz situation on a run again. Because when you can see clearly, you can find your line and ride with the ultimate confidence, no matter what.