For Speed and Control: The Louisville Slugger Xeno Softball Bat

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LouisvilleXenoWhen you step up to the plate, what’s your approach? Do you swing for the fences or sacrifice bat speed to make contact? Imagine what a force you could become if you could do both. You probably know where we’re headed with this, but now you can be that type of double threat with the Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch Bat. The Xeno series model was constructed to give the bat a balanced swing weight with composite material spread throughout, from the handle through the barrel. Most importantly, it has a forgiving sweet spot, which is the greatest quality a bat can provide (bar none). After all, your one and only goal as a hitter is to make contact with the sweet spot, to be given any extension on that is the greatest gift you could ask for short of a lob right over the plate. If you don’t make solid contact (hey, it happens), then the bat’s advanced iST technology will do its best to eliminate sting. No doubt, stingers off the end of the bat can be miserable, but if you don’t fear them, then you become that much more of a presence, especially in those demanding pre-summer contests when the thermometer drops far too low for softball season. At least now you know you can heat up with action with this dependable bat.