• 5 Lacrosse Bags for Carrying and Storing Your Gear

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  • Warrior Black Hole T1 Lacrosse Bag

    This full-sized Warrior bag is perfect for the player who needs to carry everything at once and wants to stay organized. Designed to easily stash all of your equipment, it has specific pockets for balls, sticks and extra shafts. In addition to being spacious, it features a vented pocket designed to separate your dirty and clean equipment.

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  • STX Circuit 36” Lacrosse Equipment Bag

    Don’t feel bad if this STX bag takes a beating on the road. This durable, travel-friendly equipment option is as tough as you are. A must-have for players who have to trek to away games, it’s designed to stay intact for years, fits all of your essential gear and has a smaller pocket that stores your wallet, keys and other important personal items.

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  • Brine Magnus Lacrosse Equipment Bag

    This Brine equipment bag is the perfect pick for the player who not only needs room for all of his equipment, but needs space for a handful of B-sticks. The main compartment is roomier and designed to fit the must-have gear (helmet, pads, gloves, balls) while the side pocket offers a place to hold up to four spare sticks.

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  • Warrior Rocksac Lacrosse Ball Bag

    The next time you head out to the practice field, grab this Warrior Rocksac ball carrier. It can hold up to 75 balls, so youll never have to chase after missed shots (until after practice, of course). If that sounds heavy, don’t worry. It’s made of industrial-strength nylon and features a heavy-duty plastic base to prevent wear and tear.  

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  • Under Armour Lacrosse Backpack

    Whether it’s a drizzle or a downpour, even the worst weather conditions don’t stand a chance of sabotaging your gear with this water-resistant UnderArmour backpack. Small yet strong, this lax pack manages to fit all of your equipment but can be comfortably carried on your back thanks to the exterior loops that hold your stick. Bonus: a vented laundry pocket keeps your sweaty, grimy gear away from your fresh, clean equipment.

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5 Lacrosse Bags for Carrying and Storing Your Gear

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If you’re an avid lacrosse player, you probably spend most of your time out on a field shooting on a goal or playing wall ball to improve your hand-eye coordination. There are, however, rare moments when you aren’t playing. Sometimes school, work and various social obligations get in the way of lax training. In these very few moments off the field, you need the proper place to store and haul all your gear. Here are five lacrosse bags that get the job done.