The INSIDER: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Break in Your New Baseball Glove

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So here’s the scenario: Spring training is here, and in anticipation of the fast-approaching baseball season, you just picked up a new, top-of-the-line Louisville Slugger Katsu Series Glove to help you secure a spot on that diamond. The problem? You need to be ready to hit the field with your new mitt ASAP. As in, there’s no time left to break it in.

Now, if this was circa 1999, we’d proceed to tell you to lather it in oil and stick it in the oven, right next to that rib roast your mom is preparing for dinner. Or maybe to stick a baseball in the pocket, wrap the glove with 100 rubber bands, and put it under your mattress for a week of uncomfortable sleep. While these conventional methods may be tried and true for the “old school” ballplayer, there are newer, more efficient methods for breaking in a glove. One in particular—steaming—can get your mitt ready for game day in a matter of minutes, providing a custom fit that simply may be too difficult to replicate on your own.

First, the steaming process quickly softens the leather and relaxes the seams, making it easier to work the glove. Next, a Glove Pro shapes and molds the pocket and hinge points in the seams to make it fit to your hand’s precise specifications. And just like that, whether it’s the aforementioned Katsu Series or any other quality leather glove, you’re ready to walk out of the store having saved yourself a lot of time and energy.

Ready to break in that glove? Find out all the details here.