Stay Protected on the Gridiron with the Nike Pro Hyperstrong 3.0 Padded Shirt

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In a sport as physically demanding as football, having adequate protective gear is key to staying healthy on the field. The Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong 3.0 shirt is a great complimentary piece of equipment designed to be worn comfortably under shoulder pads and/or a jersey (depending on the type of game being played) to provide an extra layer of protection. Constructed using moisture-wicking Dri-FIT fabric, the shirt is integrated with four lightweight 7mm DeTech pads that are strategically placed in high-impact areas (think: shoulders and rib cages) so you can go out and make every play with confidence. The shirt’s flat, ergonomic seams conform to the natural movements of the body to minimize distraction and increase the range of mobility. Plus, the compression fit offers proper muscle support and stays in place so you can worry less about adjusting your pads and focus more on the action on the field. In addition to the aforementioned Dri-FIT tech, which helps pull sweat away from the body, the Hyperstrong shirt features an all-over mesh construction to maximize breathability and keep athletes from overheating. How’s that for cool?